Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Blight Drone 3

So I have started cutting styrene for the Deff Arsenal, but while I mull over it (uncertain about design at the moment) I got back to the Drone.

As you saw in the mini update previously the branches have previously been added and all the gaps got GS.

So after that I added milliput to the base to blend the tree to the base, I also added to the rocks with GS to help get rid of that obviously circular shape. I also added another rock in GS coming out of the ground.

Close up showing where i had to repair the branches.

After that I added rocks and sand to the base. Once that had all dried I went back and added more rocks and some boney additions.

After that I started adding the gunk.

And with the Drone in place - note i've attached the rotor housings now as well.

I still need to do some work to both the base and the gunk - the gunk needs some cleaning up and GS adding.


  1. First: Awesome job!
    2nd: What is the "gunk" made of?

  2. Mate, that looks sweet!

    Can't wait to see the painted version.

  3. Cheers very much.

    Mr.Esty: The gunk is done using a hot glue gun. Bit fiddly but you get a small amount of time to manipulate the glue before it hardens.