Sunday, 9 December 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - 20 Months Down.

Something to cheer every reader up.

For only the second time I am a day late for doing my monthly post. But I was out all day yesterday running round some woods shooting people with small plastic balls. By the time I got back I was too knackered to do anything.

To be honest there isn't much worth writing, but I feel contractually oblidged to do something so lets all just accept it and do our best to get through the following.

This month has seen more Nurgle (in the form of the Drone) and more Orks (in the form of the Karrier). This will continue for a while, though the plan tomorrow is to undercoat the Warhammer Ghouls so I can paint them for Warhammer Quest. Same time I'll undercoat the Drone.

I shall knock on with the karrier as well, still only 50/50 with the Deff Arsenal design but I shall take the plunge and start cutting and gluing styrene. If it ends up not good enough i'll just have to start again (the turret, not the whole tank).

I would do a bit today but my ebay auctions are in the process of ending so it'll be an evening of boxes, bubble wrap and tape for me. Clearouts are a hassle but it will be good to get the space back and the cash will come in handy, especially as I put in an order to FW a week back (more on that when the stuff arrives).

Over Xmas I hope to get a lot done. However I say that every year and rarely does it turn out that way. I will be getting in a couple of games at least so the Nurgle Deamons will be getting a run out once more in ZM with a few CSM allies to bulk them out to 1000 points.

Other than that I will be working on Nurgle, the Karrier and Quest bits over Xmas. Working around the things I can't get out of ('family') I should get something done I am sure...

Talking about intentions to get work done but rarely managing it I thought I would point you in the direction of this blog, Nife's Blog of Occasional Brushwork as if he gets some more followers it may make him actually do more stuff and remember to post...though in fairness he actually updated today.

That I think is that. I shall get to my packing. Hurrah.

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