Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 23

So...I started building the Deff Arsenal turret...

The base was knocked up. The turret will drop into the hole. I will add later either magnets or lugs to stop it falling out. The core of the turret itself has been built but overall it is very, very WIP. The front looks short of being half done but the basic and most important thing (and the time consuming thing) is sorted - namely the position and fixing of the guns.

Above you can see the FW gun, the Baneblade cannon and the Necron gun all in place. Due to the weight I added some metal discs. There is a lot more to be added around the gun bases, more areas will be built out in there - in fact the BB cannon may be pushed forward slightly but all that won't be worked on till the top sectionhas been added.

The top section is another circular piece mocked up below.

And in place on the Karrier:

The area on the right of the turret is where the Rokkit Launcha Tubes will be positioned.

Keep in mind the above is very early in the build. There is a lot to be added structurally let alone detail wise. But as I have a feeling it will be several days of work before it is finished I thought i'd do an update to show the progress.

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  1. Loving the Deff Arsenal so far, Rictus! That's a right proppa amount uv dakka!

    Keep up the great work man, I am absolutely loving watching this project come together. I stalled a bit on the Leviathan, and need to get back to it. Seeing you press on with this mammoth vehicle is inspiring!