Sunday, 23 December 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Nurgle Daemons v Krieg at WHW

So today myself and Schoolcormorant (from The Spring Offensive) found ourselves at Warhammer World to pit my Nurgle Daemons against his Krieg in a couple of small (750 point) games.

I thought I'd show some pictures...

The Krieg infantry deployed, bar the mortars over in the other corner.

The At Ease squad come on from reserves, though they shouldn't be
so at ease...
...with what is walking their way towards them.
They didn't last much longer. They should pay more attention.
The Stormtroopers get a feeling they are being watched...
The one that survived being vomited on was taken out by the ever jovial Nurglings.

Meanwhile the last remaining Toad tries to eat the Command Squad single handed.
Greedy git.
The Herald tries sneaking into position, only to be gunned down
by the shotguns of the Krieg Engineers. Shotguns? Oh the embarrassment.
The aforementioned Engineers.
Nurglings and the Drone close in on some poor buggers.
The command squad looking down imperiously from their lofty position.
They died.

At the end of the day the 'practice' game was a draw (basically we ran the first game for SC to learn the rules), while the second game the Daemons claimed victory for The Plaguefather.

Enjoyable day and I managed to leave without buying any resin from Forge World. So 100% success.


  1. Now, call me an ignorant foreign devil, but I thought the purpose of going to WHW was to buy Forgeworld without waiting for shipping?

    1. No, to buy FW without paying for shipping - as usually it will still have to be shipped to you as they only have limited stock in store.


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