Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 25

Well the turret is pretty much done now. Chance at the end I might come back for a few extra details but for now I am moving on to the next thing.

So Rokkit Launcha added, vent added, access hatch and ladder added.

The turret base was riveted and had a vent added. This base will next be glued to the deck itself and more detail added around it - hence no rivets on the sides at the moment.

And with the guns in place:

According to my records* the turret and base have 486 rivets. Which to be honest is a bit silly. But anyway the running total...

* Yes, I do have records of the rivets added to the tank. And yes, this is a very sad thing to have.


  1. Ok Jon here from the Autoforge with a bit of sports casting on 'DA Rivet Off'. Now it's been a long while since this contest kicked off, the official start was on the 21st of July and the many of you guys might have forgotten the bids so far.

    Since its been a while here is the original bid sheet for reference:

    This is actually a really exciting moment in the contest as we ARE EXACTLY HALFWAY through the contestants. That's rig, out of 28 contestants exactly 14 are left and 14 have been knocked out.

    What's more there are 6 contestants who are right on the cusp of being knocked out, a lot of people thought 4,000-4,600 would be the magic number it seems.

    So here is the list of who's left:

    1. Redscorps: 487
    2. #2501: 667
    3. Kraylen: 984
    4. Mordian7th: 1250
    5. Fester: 1800
    6. The Great Gonzo: 1945
    7. Karitas: 2000
    8. Myincubliss: 2001
    9. Saintgeo23: 2300
    10. Ryan ruufcorn: 2493
    11. Garry King: 3400
    12. Atreides: 3500
    13. Sheep: 3679
    14. Teek: 3800
    ------CURRENT COUNT: 3955--------
    15. Col Gilgore: 4001
    16. Colkillgore: 4033
    17. Irnot1337: 4253
    18. Dylangould: 4350
    19. Mark Beardmore: 4567
    20. Creidhnan: 4590
    21. Mohaniker: 5555
    22. Rob Alderman: 5999
    23. Jonathan (A.K.A. Me): 6500
    24. Alex Youngwood: 7000
    25. Dan Gregory II: 7000
    26. Sleeping In The Back: 7000
    27. Stompa: 7995
    28. SC: 8500

  2. At the beginning I thought 4033 was a good number, not so much now.


    1. 4033 was always going to be under...I once did 500 rivets on a Chimera conversion...


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