Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Warhammer World Weekend 2

As a follow up to yesterdays post here are a few pictures I took from the museum/exhibition hall. Alas due to the horrible lighting in the glass cabinet few pictures are worth showing.

Most of these are taken from a display from one guy. Annoyingly I can't remember the name and the WHW pages on the GW website doesn't give any info. However the models on show were well worth showing. Fantasy Chaos, with quite a fair bit of Nurgle, which was nice.

You can make out the hair that was added.

The great centrepiece of the Warrior unit

Skin Wolves - the pic I took from the front was horrible.

Note the added arrows. Very nice.

Few other Nurgle related pieces from the other cabinets:

And a few other things I snapped:

And finally I picked up a few things...

So lovely you just want to stroke it.

For the Daemons I picked up some reinforcements in the shape of some Plague Toads which I will be using as Beasts of Nurgle. Will need new bases though as they are too big for 40mm ones.

I also ordered a Blight Drone which should be here shortly.

So in the next few days I hope to get the Toads knocked out and get working on the Karrier, with the aim of getting the sponsons on the way to being done.


  1. The first few things were done MrDee, he's on both the PapaNurgle forums (his thread is found here: and I believe on the Lead Adventure Forums under the same name. His work is pretty amazing.

    These are fantastic pictures! Some of those models are stunning.

    1. Excellent, cheers for the links. The light in the displat cabinets at WHW are awful so it is nice to see pictures of the models in the thread.