Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plaguebearers 2

Only a quick post tonight.

I did plan on doing the remaining 'bearers in 5 figure batches. However I somehow found myself doing all ten in one go. Hence the delay in doing an update.

Thought I would do a one picture post, just to prove to the doubters (you know who you are...) that I really am painting...

Took me seven attempts to load that picture. Bloody thing is starting to annoy me.

I'll get the last few things done including their swords then get both their and the first units bases done. At that point i'll post pics of the entire force together.

I'll also show the figure i'll be using as the Herald.

While doing this squad I have been taking pictures of the different stages so I'll be able to show how I painted them all. Expect that by the weekend hopefully.


  1. 7 attempts? Clearly Nurgle's hand is involved, as that is his favoured number.

    1. Hmm, hadn't spotted that.

      Still, doesn't explain all the other posts which he seems to be screwing around with the picture uploads. Bloated bastard.