Sunday, 21 October 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Herald and Group Shot

So Papa Nurgle has been smiling down on me today as the mini-force is complete. No doubt this will mean i'll be coming down with Nurgle's Rot by the end of the week.

So here is the leader of this contagious gathering.

Before you think I got him painted bloody quickly I should point out that I didn't paint him. He is one of five figures a friend of mine painted for me as a favour. It involved them flying out to Australia and back (obviously). Using this guy as a Herald seemed a perfect way to get one of these figures on the tabletop as an actual gaming piece.

The person who painted them goes by the name of 'Sheep' or the even more rediculous name 'Aaron'.

Unfortunately I had to replace the base so the figure fitted in with the other Daemons. I went with a rock base so that I could paint it seperate without any risk of getting paint on the model itself.

Below you can see the original base by Sheep, when removing it I discovered the cheeky scamp had signed and dated it.

At this point why not pop over to his blog Forlorn Hope to see his Krieg and Nid figures as well as his latest project, a Heresy era Sons of Horus army (including a Comtemptor dread which recently popped up on the GW daily blog).

Once you have had a look round there come back to look at the group pictures... back? Then we shall continue.

I went through the units adding a bit of foliage to some bases. It brought in a bit more colour and make the bases a bit more interesting. Also ties in with my gaming boards nicely.

So the force all assembled:

And a break down of the units -

Unit One - Ten Plaugebearers:
Unit Two - Ten Plaguebearers:
 Unit Three - Five Nurgling Bases:
Quite pleased how they all turned out.

At the weekened i'll pick up some resin from FW to add two more units to the force. I plan to try and knock them out quickly. If I don't keep the ball running they'll be put in a box and remain there for months.


  1. Damned fine looking collection of putrid buggers you have sir. Hat is tipped to you.

  2. So sweet! Add to this weeks UK Bloggers round up :)

    1. Cheers very much, and thanks for the mention in the round up.

  3. Those are thoroughly disgusting! I love it!

    The added foliage on the bases really makes them pop - definitely a great addition. I didn't get a chance to comment on the earlier Plaguebearer post, but those are some of the best I've seen thus far. I was planning on going primarily Tzeentch themed for my own upcoming Chaos force, but I might need to pick up a box of the new Plaguebearers just to paint 'em.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks very much. You can't have a chaos force and not throw in a bit of Nurgle.

      Just wouldn't be right.