Sunday, 7 October 2012

Scatter Terrain 14

Dragons Teeth.

So I took all those cast 'teef and started basing them:

So far I have only used offcuts of finnboard to base them. Still got a fair few left so will probably do a couple more strips then call it a day on them.

Plasma Generator.

Well after Secret Weapon Miniatures put the Plasma Generator on sale I naturally bought some. They have now arrived so thought i'd put up some pics.

Overall pleased with them. I will be using some LGS to clean up some imperfections etc but I am looking forward to using them in some Zone Mortalis games. I will probably glue them together in pairs as i'll always use at least two together. I will keep the control panels separate however as I can use those either with the generators or on their own.

Above are very large close ups showing the surface texture of the two pieces.

Next up will be my usual monthly post, followed by the Nurglings which are taking a bit longer to do that expected. They are proving to be awkward little buggers.


  1. Are you going to start calling yourself a miniatures designer now?

    The generators look really impressive mate, when I start my admech I'll grab some for plasma based tank weapons and an objective marker or two.

    1. Not quite yet. More a model dabbler perhaps.


      'When' you say? Haven't you got a fair bit to do before then? Like Clan Rictus...?