Monday, 8 October 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - 18 months.

18 Months.

There are quite a lot of crimes that you'd get a shorter sentence for.

Anyway. Recalcitrant Daze is now up to 18 months  In the last month the follower count hit 200, thanks to everyone who has decided to join and always thanks go to those who comment. It is always appreciated.

So things are pretty busy at the moment. Too much to do and not enough time as usual.

The main focus at the moment is getting the small Nurgle force done for the meet up at Warhammer World in 2/3 weeks time.

The Nurglings are buggers to paint. Unlike the 'bearers which were a breeze.

To prove I am actually doing something here is a (pretty crappy) PIP shot:

After the Nurglings are done it'll be a second Plaguebearer unit and that'll be that for the Deamon force, until that is I pick up a couple of FW things at WHW which will flesh out the force to be an Allied detachment.

But in the gap between finishing the Deamons and the meet up i'll be back on the Karrier which I have neglected for too long.

Though saying that i'll be knocking out the Dragons Teeth as well, should be a quick job to paint them.

Talking of Dragons Teeth i'll be adding them to the things people can buy shortly. I'll be selling them in sets of nine. Don't know price yet, expect something to go up in a couple of days.


  1. How could they be hard to paint? They're sooo Cute!

    1. Tigers are cute...doesn't mean it wouldn't take your face off if it had a chance.