Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Warhammer World Weekend 1

Over the weekend a few brave souls went to Nottingham to spend three days gaming.

It was an enjoyable experience and allowed me (for the first time ever) to actually field a completely painted force. Something many will find shocking.

We dabbled with Warhammer Quest, Space Hulk, Zone Mortalis and Battlefleet Gothic. We would also of played Aeronautica Imperialis, but there was a slight glitch with that which I will not go into...

Warhammer Quest...oh the memories...

So anyway, here are some pictures I snapped during the ZM and BFG games...

Zone Mortalis Game 1:

Plaguebearers slowly assaulting the Corsair squad belonging to Maelstrom

In the distance the annoying Space Wolf leaders
prepares another cowardly psychic attack.

The Zone Mortalis board at WHW in full,
at the far end is Maelstrom trying to remember how to play 40k.

The Nurglings heroically throwing themselves at the
Space Puppy Termies belonging to Nife.

And the unfortunately result. Poor buggers.

The final position. The Corsairs hold the central objective while the Space Wolves are far behind due to being held up by the Daemons. The Herald is the only Deamon left however...

Zone Mortalis Game 2:

For this game my Daemons allied with the Corsair band, while the Space Wolves were backed up with some Orks...surely a sign that they aren't proper Marines?

The Green Tide ready to roll.

The Helbrute and Chaos Marine squad on the start line.

Burnas being all sneaky.

Bloody Deepstrike mishap table.

The Helbrute and Termies face off.

The game ends with Chaos the winner, though another turn
and the Burna Boyz and the Termies would of swung things 180.

A couple of army shots:

My Nurgle Force

Renegade Chaos Marines from Maelstrom
(minus the five cultists he didn't finish painting)

Battlefleet Gothic:

Maelstrom and Nife learning BFG.
I'm not sure what the face Nife is pulling means. I think it is his 'thinking' look.
We didn't see it often.

The Last Pair - Maelstroms Navy Cruiser takes on the
Chaos Cruiser of Nife for the game.

The best I have managed to get of the entire Plague Fleet.

Next up a post showing some pictures I took of anything I saw worth taking pictures of... some recruits to the Nurgle force.


  1. Replies
    1. Well you had your chance...

      you'll have to come next time instead.

  2. Very nice the 'Zone Mortalis' tabletop, must be great play 'inside' it ;-)

    1. Yeah,though it could do with some scatter terrain to put in the larger room. But still a great board to play on. None of the panels are fixed down so you can move them around for each game.

  3. Looks like a great long weekend, very jealous.

    Interesting herald too ;)

    1. You get a strange feeling you may of seen him before...?


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