Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Painting Guide

Here is a basic rundown of how I went about painting the Plaguebearers (as well as the Nurglings). It should be noted that the paints I have aren't part of the all new shiney range. As such you won't be able to follow it exactly if you only have new GW paints, however it is only a guide, people should modify it to suit.

Stage One - Base coats.

a. Over a black undercoat the Plaguebearer was given a rough coat of Rotting Flesh, While I ensured raised areas were covered I wasn’t fussed about getting into every nook and cranny.

b. Ogre Flesh wash was thin liberally applied.

c. This was followed with Rotting Flesh which was heavily drybrushed on. I took care to give extra attention to any areas I wanted to stand out more, such as the belly

Still part of the 'stage 1' Leviathan Purple and Baal Red washes were used on the ‘stumpy’ legs.

Stage Two - Early Details & Further Washes to Add Depth.

a. Any recessed areas (such as the guts) which I wanted a different colour were blocked in. For example the guts were painted.

b. This was followed by a Devlan Mud wash over the skin and the purple/red legs.

c. Rotting Flesh was then drybrushed on and/or used to highlight areas. Painting the recessed areas before the wash allows you to tidy up anything that needs doing at this stage.

Stage Three - All the Details and many Washes.

The guts got a Baal Red wash followed with some Leviathan Purple, before being gloss varnished. The eyes were picked out with red, washed with Devlan before highlighted red.

The horns were drybrushed white so that the horns started flesh coloured and progressively becoming more white along the length.

At that point the pictures stop, the fact is the rest of it doesn’t have a ‘recipe’ as such. I simply added more washes to tint the skin in different areas.

Reds, blues, greens and so on followed with the occasional Devlan to add more depth in certain areas.

I used more Rotting Flesh to highlight before picking out the teeth and claws with white/Devlan.

For the swords I base coated then in Boltgun Metal before covering them completely in a mix of different Mig rusts.
The boils/pustules were painted Goblin Green and were highlighted with Goblin Green after a Devlan wash. They were later given a gloss varnish finish.
After all that it was just a case of doing the base and the figure was finished.

Finished figure used in the pictures above looked like this:

Hopefully people found that interesting and possibly useful...


  1. Great guide, love the stuff here. Subbed. I may have to start a CSM Nurgle army with some Allies... hmmm. My co-bloggers will be mad, they do Daemons and have just started Iron Warriors but tempted, so tempted... ;)

    1. Go on, you know it makes sense...

  2. excellent! Will be adding this to this weeks UK Bloggers Group round up :)

  3. Man! I've just fallen off of my chair mate! Painting, from you? Maybe the Mayans were onto something!

  4. That's a really disgusting paint job. Excellent work!

    The gloss varnish on the entrails is a nice touch, making them glisten and all. Now if you could just find a way to make them squirm...

  5. Cheers very much.

    Gonzo - didn't think anything could shift you out of your chair.

    Nick Von Cover - That would indeed be awesome. Possibly well trained maggots?