Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Nurglings.

I don't like Nurglings.

But the cancerous little buggers are finished.

While pretty much, they aren't perfect and i'll probably do a few touch ups later on but for all intents and purposes they are complete.

As you can see there are five bases of the blighters. I only bought one box set which makes only three, so I used the extra individual nurglings you get with them and the Plaguebearers to make up two more.

I wanted to get a bit more height than just sticking a few on a base. So the one got a rock...

While on the other one I used a Dragons Tooth (which has been vomited on by a Nurgling or two), and it also appears to be bleeding...

And to finish a shot with a Plaguebearer:

So next i'll be building the next ten...then painting them.


  1. Being a productive little bugger aren't you?

    Nurglings look great mate, the height, and the added individuals gives them a lot of character :)

    1. Are you suggesting i'm not usually productive?

      I feel slighted, slighted and hurt...

  2. The current nurglings are abhorrent models.

    However, I love what you did with them, especially on the Dragon's tooth, that particular stand is absolutely amazing and sets a standard for nurgling stands.

  3. Nice paint job and base , well done.

  4. Very well done dude, very characterful

  5. Cheers for the comments everyone.

    No more Nurgle probably till Monday as I have a couple of other things I need to do before I start painting them (including building them of course).