Sunday, 31 July 2016

Into The Archives - My Early White Dwarf Reads (Part Six)

I've done bugger all in the last two weeks.

So to fill the empty void on RD here is the next White Dwarf look back.

White Dwarf #129

On the cover we have Inquisitor Draco - taken from the novel Inquisitor by Ian Watson. A novel I still have sitting on a shelf. Well worth the read even though nowadays it doesn't quite fit the 40k universe after 26 years of development, rewrites, retcons etc.

Below we have this issues contents page. This issue is very Warhammer 40k centred, Warhammer Fantasy (in any form) is only turning up in the 'Eavy Metal pages

'Eavy Metal - Bretonnians.

And here is one of the Fantasy appearances in 'Eavy Metal. Bretonnians, now seemingly gone for good.

Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine Armour

Now this article will probably look familiar to many as many of its pictures were thrown up all over the hobby blogs & forums when rumblings of Forge World doing Horus Heresy first appeared.

In the article Rick Priestley takes us through the development of Space Marine Power Armour, from the earliest days and through Marks 1-7.

I must admit I've not re-read yet, it will be interesting to see how much might have chanced now that we have the Black Library and Forge World books delving into the history of the Legions and their armour.

The article also discusses Chapter specific armour, Artificer & individualised armour before going on to give new rules for Marines in 40k.

We also get Tactical Squad colour schemes including the colour plate and the 'Eavy Metal page on the left and right.

I really must re-read this article soon.

'Eavy Metal - Chaos Champions.

Another slice of Fantasy...the weird and wonderful champions of Chaos.

Warhammer 40,000 - Vehicle Rules.

The second part of the Vehicle Rules article begun in WD #128.

Here we have additional data sheets covering more vehicles such as the Land Speeder and the Sentinal plus a bit of background on the Land Raider.

Warhammer 40,000 - Ork Painboyz.

The Dokter is well and truly in the house, though in this case with a bone saw and squig in hand.

The article is split into two sections, the first covers everything you need to know about Painboyz, their place in Ork society and their role on the battlefield, orderlies, casualty 'recovery' and Dreadnoughts.

However this is really the introduction to the meat of the article which covers an area of the Painboyz work - namely Bionik Bitz. 11 pages (not including full page pictures) of rules of the many different Bionik Bitz your boyz could end up sporting (whether they wanted to or not).

Who wouldn't want a grapple arm like that? And not just any kicking leg but a De-Luxe Kicking Leg?

MONO-WHEEL! We so need an Ork with a mono-wheel.

This was just one of the great Ork articles dating back to this period. They all involved a lot of tables but a huge amount of character.

Back Cover 'Eavy Metal - Chaos Warbands.

Final bit of Fantasy as two Chaos Warbands face off somewhere in the Realm of Chaos.

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  1. Lothar Bubonicus and Werner Thunderfist inspired many a Chaos warband during my boyhood.

    This was a fun issue. Although I never collected an ork army, I loved reading all the silliness that you could put into them.