Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 8

Two more squads finished...

Squad H - Veterans

As you can see the Sergeants for the spikey hats.

Squad J - Veterans

They have now taken their place on the Big Militia Board.

The current state of play now looks like this:

There is certainly a lot more red on there now than there was a month or so ago. Left to do we have...

A - Command Squad one member to finish.
D - Ogryn Squad three Ogryn and five doggies.
E - Artillery Crew, eight guys to do (though some started a while ago)
F - Cyclops Crew, three of these.
G - Rough Riders. All ten to do including moulds and converting. By far the biggest thing left to do.
Plus - Rework of Missile Launcher & Mortar teams.

I think I am just going to push through and get them all done in one hit and sent off to Sheep. While the temptation is still to take a break and do something the Scions have meant I have taken a big step forward in getting the whole force done. I think the Artillery crew will be straight forward to do as will the Oggies and their pets.

I need to get the 3D models finished ASAP so I can also get those heavy weapon teams done.


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  2. So.. no conversions whatsoever. Even half of the IG symbols are still in place. So many wasted possibilities, don't even understand what's the point here.

  3. Esp like the top down foto of the whole lot together.