Friday, 24 July 2015

Continuing the Clearout and New Bits Coming In...

Hobby time has been tight of late, work on the Ogryn unit has continued though so there should be an update over the weekend with the unit finished off.

More Things to Go.

In my continued aim to clear out any unwanted or unneeded items I have sorted some more things to go on ebay, these should be going up Sunday but if anyone wants something drop me an email (see 'Sales' page linked above).

Space Hulk - the 2009 version.

Models have been removed from sprues and put together, though not glued. Everything is in excellent condition and is all there.

Will see what else I can sort out to get rid of over the weekend. As before anything that goes up will be linked on a blog post.

New Stuff.

Of course for every thing that goes out something comes in.

I picked up a second hand Hell Talon off ebay, some bits are missing but that won't be an issue as my plan was always to do a Deamonically possessed Hell Talon,

I have to say it was probably the worst packing I have ever had from something bought off ebay. The parts were just put in a jiffy bag with nothing to protect the parts inside banging into each other, bar the small bits being put in another jiffy bag inside.

Unsurprising one wing broke through the bag (as it wasn't big enough), thankfully nothing was lost.

However the other wing did break into two pieces...

Again, thankfully with what I have planned it isn't an issue, it's just annoying.

Kingdom Death Monster.

I nearly went in on the Kickstarter for this last year but in the end didn't go for it, but it went up for pre-order at 30 odd percent off for a limited time recently so I thought bugger it and ordered it. The quality looks outstanding and with the type of game it is it should be good for our Meet Ups.

It looks like it will be something different, part board game, part rpg, part something else.

Hopefully that will be the last hobby related thing I buy for a while. Until the next HH book comes out from Forge World. Or the upcoming Masterclass book.

Or something.

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