Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ogryn Renegade Berserkers 3

Another unit finished off.

The four Ogryns are finally all done:

Ogryn No. 1 - Had to replace the bits on his back as they were all crap casts. Thought long and hard about replacing the weapon, didn't in the end but part of me still thinks I should have.

Ogryn No. 2 - This guy has been seen a bit before, cleaned up his weapon and replaced the riveted on spikes. Also replaced the cables on his back.

Ogryn No. 3 - This came already built and painted. All I did was take the weapon off (it is joined at the two wrists), clean it up and reattach and filled the gaps. Few clean ups here and there. He then got re-based to match every one else.

Ogryn No. 4 - Pretty standard, other than filling gaps, cleaning up etc.

And above you can see the whole unit. That is a lot of points. In games I may break them down to two units, either one unit of an Ogryn plus the dogs and one unit of three Ogryn, or two units of two Ogryn each with 2 or 3 dogs.

Below you can see them added to the board of Militia.

Left now to do...

E - Artillery crew (already started these actually)
F - Cyclops crew
G - Rough Riders (the big job that is left)
Plus one guy from the Command Squad (A) to finish off.

In addition to that I have the re-work I want to do on the missile launched and mortar teams.

The Red is slowly creeping.


  1. They Look really good. I like the work you have done to them. Sometimes miscasts ect give us an opportunity to convert models we otherwise would not touch and add a little more to them

    1. Cheers. Very true, though sometimes it would be nice not to have the hassle...

  2. Nice work - like the little conversions you've done on them.

    I've still got a Games Day LE Ogryn with DKK victim sitting out he shelf to paint - he's only been waiting about 5yrs!!

    1. That is a nice model, wish I had kept one myself.

  3. They are just fantastic. Some of the coolest ogryn's I've ever seen!

  4. I am loving these. I wish my death korps could take them on!