Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Scatter Terrain 17

Quick update on the pallets.

I've cast more pallets and started to add the stores to them all. Now the cast quality of the stores isn't perfect because as they will all be covered in tarps it wasn't important, hence I did quick and easy casts without using the pressure tank.

I also added some scale model pieces to add variety.

As you can see above I have some casts of the now no longer available Chimera/Russ & Baneblade road wheels. I did these just for this purpose.

I plan to keep casting pallets this weekend as I have loads more store casts and scale model bits to use up. I also want to make some larger crates to add to them and start mixing in some Guard bits.

Once I have more cast up I'll start adding the tarps.

As a reminder this is one of the test pieces I did when I started experimenting with tarps:

Should have another update up this weekend.


  1. Coming along nicely.

    I'd imagine these'd work well in Deadzone games as well.

  2. Just wonder what's the point of using up such nice bits to be covered by tarps? Are you planning to leave some areas poking out on future pieces? If not I'd say skip the tarps on these and make some that just have pieces of styrofoam under the tarps.

    1. Well there are several reasons for using actual bits under the tarp:
      1. You get far better looking and intriguing shapes which you can't get from just using a bit of foam.
      2. You can get details showing through the tarps which again would be very hard to recreate with anything else.
      3. Resin casts are cheap, so not wasting any money.
      4. And finally as you suggest some items will be shown, either poking out from under the tarp or through holes in the tarp. You can see this better on the experimental tarps I did a while back here