Thursday, 6 February 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - A game or two.

So this weekend gone it was the regular gaming meet up with Nife and Maelstrom and naturally I grabbed some pictures, though I didn't bother taking as many as usual.

Dreadball -

We got to try out the multiplayer version of Dreadball. I am undecided if I prefer it to the standard 2 player version, though it was undeniably entertaining. We got two games in, the first ended in a three way tie only for Nife to grab it in extra time (stole the game from us...). I managed to take the second game outright, which was nice.

Zombicide -

A favourite of our little group returned with new boards, new zombies and new survivors and equipment.

Always a good game and this time we got to try out a new mission of our own devising....

...still needs some playtesting but overall it worked rather well.

40k -

Obviously a meet up wouldn't happen without a game of 40k. This time we dropped Zone Mortalis to try our hand at regular 40k at Warhammer World.

Nife's Scorpions cowardly hiding in the trees.

While my Nurglings nobly defend the woods on the other end of the board.

Some of Maelstrom's Tau, before they got vomited on...

For a laugh Nife and Maelstrom teamed up against my Daemons including Scabby. As usual instead of playing tactically with the aim of winning I basically went for whatever was amusing.

It nearly worked...if we hadn't run out of time Scabby might of worked his way through most of the other army as he had finally got into close combat. What would of helped was if I had remembered to take the Hellstorm template for his vomit attacks...and for the Warp Storm Table to of gone my way before the last turn...

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