Thursday, 16 February 2017

'Epic' Clear Out

Long before the re-birth of Specialist Games and the announcement of Adeptus Titanicus I was planning on doing a Horus Heresy Space Marine Legion army for Epic, plan was to put an army together following the look and make up of a Legion force. As such I hunted on ebay far too much picking up early Epic models for it.

However, I got no further than buying things. I had (and still have) far bigger hobby priorities to work on. Now we have Adeptus Titanicus on the way and to be frank I am far, far, more excited about doing that justice when it arrives than have a 6mm Epic force. I certainly don't have the time or resources to do both.

As such I need to move the Epic stuff on.

It will start to go on ebay this Sunday, however before it goes on there I wanted to see if anyone who reads this blog (or knows someone who might) would want to pick any of the pieces up before I go through the hassle of listing it all.

So the picture below shows everything I have at the moment...

Lots of plastic infantry plus additional metal command, Rhinos, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds, (metal) Predators and Vindicators, Contemptor style plastic dreadnoughts and later style metal dreadnoughts, a Baneblade, two Reavers and two Forge World Warhounds.

If you are interested drop me an email rictusrd-blog @ yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk (delete the spaces and makes the -dot- just .).


  1. I think the new 'epic' AT is based on 10mm scale rather than 6mm so these will be no good if they do in fact expand the range to include vehicles and marines eventually.

    Hopefully you'll get a good price from an existing Epic player though.

    1. It's planned as 8mm. I can't see them doing the full range, talking to them they may do additional games in the same scale (such as a tank one) but keep AT for Titans only.

  2. I don't foresee the community moving away from 6mm entirely if for no other reason than large sums of money being invested in 6mm collections. At worst, there will be multiple player bases. (not that there are not already between Space Marine, Epic, Epic Armageddon, NetEpic, NetEA, etc, etc, etc)

    1. Oh, and if you'd rather not Ebay, there is a thriving 6mm, 10mm, etc trade group on Facebook. Sure, trading one caveat for another, but expanded awareness helps stuff sell. Especially for "niche" products.

    2. I'll still be keeping a few pieces of 6mm as I have large forces for AI, so some Epic stuff will go towards terrain, objective pieces etc in that.

      Otherwise I want to sell everything, nothing else I would want in exchange to be honest and any money raised will go towards AT will it drops (or more likely get spent on other hobby stuff before then...).