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Into The Archives - My Early White Dwarf Reads (Part Eight)

Not had much time hobby wise so alas the AdMech have not progressed much since the last update, however I am finishing off an assignment which means I should have some good time to put towards hobby projects very soon.

In the meantime, here's the next White Dwarf look back...

White Dwarf #112

The cover for this months issue comes from Wayne England 'The Terminator Badge'. I'm not sure when the Termie badge became known as the Crux Terminatus, though see later for mention of the Crux Argentium...

Welcome to April, 1989. Guns 'N' Roses were No. 6 in the UK singles chart at the beginning of April with Paradise City. Them were the days....

So, anyway. #112 gives us a mix of content, 40k, Fantasy, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus and Dark Future all have a place in its pages.

First though the news section. You may remember in the last issue I covered, #109, there was a sneak peak at the upcoming 'Space Marine Boarding Game'...well here it as a name, Space Hulk. This is still some time before it's release, and noteworthy is at the time is was Spacehulk, not Space Hulk. Well I thought it was noteworthy.

A couple more pages worth looking at before we get onto game content.

First up on the left we have an advertisement page of models.

To me that Ogryn stands up as still being a great sculpt.

With the Death Eagle Marines you see the classic 'legs apart squatting for a crap' pose so many Marines have had over the years. Guy far right might actually have rickets.

Oh, SQUAT TRIKES! When a regular drunk dwarf on a bike just won't do.

On the right we have the Mail Order page which I've included to show some of the things you could pick up in those days, included Dungeons and Dragons and a combat card game - whatever happened to those...?

We also have RPG for Warhammer and Judge Dredd.

Warhammer 40,000 - Marine Terminators.

Back in #109 we saw the birth of the Space Marine Terminators, here though in 112 they really grew up. They gained the look we are still so familiar with and gained the iconic weapons we know them for.

The article gave rules for fielding units of these guys as well as Librarians and Captains in Terminator Armour.

The Terminator Squad box set seen above was awesome. I picked it up for Space Hulk and it gave you a full squads worth with an extra HW (so you could field a Heavy Flamer or Assault Cannon) and gave you a Libby and a Captain (with a great fist mounted grenade launcher - Forge World, can we have one of those please?).

Rather than showing a picture of the rules I picked out the two pages on the right and below.

On the right we have a selection of schemes, most notable is the black Dark Angel (no mention of Deathwing at this point) and the Crux Argentium I mentioned earlier.

Below some sketches from Jes Goodwin. I show these as sketches by Jes Goodwin should always be shown when the opportunity arises (*).

Warhammer 40,000 - Ork Wartrak and Field Gun

Rules and info on fielding these in Ork armies.

Inevitably due to being an Ork field gun it will go wrong at some point, hence the malfunction table below for when the nicely named 'Hop-Splat' rocket goes awry.

Warhammer 40,000 (ish) - Yeah, not sure how to title this one.

So here with have a scenario, not like the scenarios we see nowadays for 40k as it involves small forces from two different settings (Orks of 40k and humans from Paranoia).

Alas as this is the only issue I have with anything about Paranoia in I can't really give you any more info.

It is a Gamemaster run scenario taking place in a small outpost. All was calm till the inevitable happened.

You know I love a good plan or map, so I am delighted to say this article as one.

Even though I didn't really know what was happening this article was always worth reading from time to time and was certainly something a bit different from the norm.

Warhammer 40,000 - Predator Tank

The classic Predator with it's dome turret (thank you Forge World for bringing this back) with backstory and rules for 40k.

Note the army list, you could take this in a Guard army, though it was manned by AdMech rather than Guardsman.

Dark Future - St Louis Blues.

First part of a two part series.

In this first part we have a whole host of pre-designed vehicles for Dark Future, for the first time presented on easy to use Datacards.

The most interesting part of the article was the information about 'The St Louis Blues' who were an Agency apart from the other of their ilk.

Below some of the data cards in provided. These covered the bulk of the article, so useful if you play the game but otherwise not a lot worth reading.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play - Wardancers.

Deadly, dancing pointy-ears.

Fairly substantial piece on these Wood Elves. Fair amount of info before the rules for WFRP are given.

Blood Bowl - Death-Roller

Pretty self explanatory really. It's a steam powered spiked roller ridden by a Dwarf in a ball game.

Shouldn't be long before we see the new imagining of this. I am not looking forward to facing one.

Adeptus Titanicus - Robots...

Rules for Loyalist and Traitors for fielding units of robots.

Also plenty of background and info on the different types - some of which we have of course seen reborn in the Adeptus Mechanicum line in 30k by Forge World.

Thankfully the robot programs were simpler in AT than in 40k.

Above a dropship doing what it does best. I never did find out what that model was - keep in mind Google was some way away at this point.

Below we have the different Robot types

'Eavy Metal.

No talking, just look at the pictures.

...though I will mention those Squats in Exo-armour (so damn cute) and the page of models by Paul Benson, love that Reaver painted as a 25mm robot.

Back Cover - 40,000 and Fantasy.

To finish we have charging Rough Riders backed up by one of those new Predators (presumable with an Enginseer at the wheel).

And below them a Warhammer siege, with scratchbuilt siege tower and castle walls.

And there ends #112.

Wonder which one I'll pick next...


  1. One of my favorite issues. If you are interested in a Terminator Captain with the power glove mounted grenade launcher, GW came out with one last year that was a throwback to the one from the metal box set. It was an exclusive to new stores opening in the UK. They are for sale for $85 on feebay.

    1. Yeah I remember it, wasn't fussed by him and that is far too much for a model, rare or not.

  2. I read that issue so many times when I was 14. Thanks for kindling happy memories on a grey day nearly 3 decades later.

  3. The model used for dropship might be a children's toy, Starcruiser One.

    1. Yeah it's definitely a toy of some kind. I don't know that one though.


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