Sunday, 26 March 2017

Age of Sigmar - First Battle

When The Old World met it's end I admit I was a bit sad to see the passing of the setting I had known for decades. On the other hand it was hard to get annoyed or really muster up more than an 'hmm, that's a shame' as it had been a long time since I had played Warhammer Fantasy Battle or do more than read the old Warhammer story.

The fact was 40k had a much bigger hold on me and I had long stopped having an interest in playing the game, all those massed ranks really didn't appeal to me in the slightest.

So when Age of Sigmar came along I didn't pay it much notice. The new setting didn't really grab me, but then there was very little put out about the setting that could hook me in. However I did look on many of the new releases favourably, some of the new lines are stunning...but not enough to tempt me into a new army.

However as Fantasy has round bases I could use my Daemons as a dual force to try the game out.

This week passed the Daemons took to the field in a very small game against some Skaven.

In hindsight the two forces (based on wounds) were not balanced, but as this really was just to pick up the rules and get a feel of the thing the outcome wasn't really important.

Above is the two armies set up. It was a simple 'kill as much as you can' game.

Should have got some in game shots...but I didn't.

Below are the Daemons moving in for the kill after the rest of the rats had been seen off. That warpflame thrower team was the star for the rats as it took out eight plaguebearers.

It was nice for the first time to use the Plague Toads as actual Plague Toads as Forge World has never done 40k rules for them (maybe one day).

Below is the death toll, everything the Deamons killed - so the entire Skaven force bar one model (see the next picture). Star of the rat force, after the flamer team, was the Clan rat standard bearer who survived being attacked by about ten plaguebearers. In fairness he then got eaten by a Plague Drone.

And the next picture is everything killed by the Skaven. This includes the Skaven mortar team who after missing every single shot blew themselves up. It was a truly impressive performance by them.

And finally the victors left on the field. That bloody Herald did nothing other than chase after everyone.

We both enjoyed the game alot. We found, even with us having to look up rules, quick and it flowed well.

There are lots of things I thought worked well and it makes me more confident in the changes GW any thinking of doing to 40k for 8th Edition.

I am now thinking about adding some AoS only units to the force.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your game of AoS, looking forward to seeing you do some awesome coversion work on some models for that system.

    1. I'm not sure there will be any to be honest, doesn't look like there will be a large amount of opportunities for it...though who knows what time may bring...

  2. The skirmish aspect of the rules are really appealing.
    However I don't really understand how balance is achieve in this game, nor which army list are usable... If I remember correctly, there is free rules for old armies, and new ones you need to buy for new miniatures ranges? Is it right?

    1. No this is incorrect, the rules are free to download for all armies, old and new, from the GW website or the AoS App.

      They released the Generals Handbook last year which added point values and "balance" for competitive gaming, while the Battletomes (Army Books/Codexes) simply give extra faction rules if you only take the units in that army and also exclusive Warscroll Battalions which are combinations of units, which when taken together, give further added bonuses.

      Hope this helps.

    2. I've not seen rules for the new armies to download from GW, the rules for the old armies are easy to find and download but I can't see anything for the new armies.

    3. If you go to the unit on the GW site, there will be a tab on the right titled "Downloads". Just download the PDF with the rules for that model. If you want army-wide special rules and abilities, you have to purchase the Battletome.

    4. Bugger me, so you can.

      Cheers for that.


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