Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Recalcitrant Daze - Heresy and Blood Bowl

Several weeks from the last post not a lot has happened.

I made a start on my Adeptus Mechanicum Zone Mortalis force, however as you can see below it hasn’t progressed far.

I also half three Vorax half built. I am not enjoying building these. At all.

The lack of progress is partly due to how long it is taking to build them and partly the fact the Christmas break went far too quickly and before I knew it I was back in work and back doing the degree.

I did take off this weekend past to get in some games of Blood Bowl.

It’s been a long time since I have played Blood Bowl. It was good to handle some oddly shaped spikey balls again.

I am tempted to pick up the forthcoming Ogre, just to add a bit of variety to the Human team and some hitting power. Long term I won't be doing anything with the two teams from the box as I am waiting for the Nurgle team to be released. Until then I'll have to make do with the Orc and Human teams. Hopefully Papa Nurgle won't wait too long.

Now this time next week my mind will be turning very much to the Horus Heresy Weekender.

My shopping list is quite short...

...and if it is there the next Imperial Armour book. That, at the moment, is it.

I will do the usual multiple posts after the event, and possibly on the Saturday evening as well.

I will also be on Twitter during the event, so go along to @Rictus40k if you want to keep an eye on what I manage to post up.

A few of us are also going to be at Warhammer World on the Friday, I know there will be a fair few others also at WHW before the event so say hello if you want to.


  1. I feel ya on the Vorax. Look awesome when they're built but are a pain in the butt to build! Definitely looking forward to seeing your always-awesome rundown on the event!

    1. Yeah, those legs were an absolute bitch. Not looking forward to working on them again.


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