Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Years Open Day 2017 - Boards and the 40k 30th.

So to wrap things up from the Open Day here are more pictures.

First up what I grabbed on the day...

On the left is an original Rogue Trader, in decent-ish state but I am too afraid to open it nowadays in case it falls apart. On the right is of course the new anniversary edition I picked up. Great looking book, more solid and higher quality that the original and a very good copy.

The Jes Goodwin Eldar Sketchbook, so wanted this since it first appeared. Was very surprised to see some copies available in the WHW store. They didn't last long.

And finally the Blood Bowl referees. Wasn't going to buy these, then I wasn't, then I thought why not, then realised I didn't need them. Then I bought them.

Warhammer 40,000 Anniversary.

They was a stand at the show looking back at the early days of 40k.

On there were many things which I remember from early White Dwarfs including this lot...

I built that Sabre at one point. White Dwarf tutorial.

Who else remembers the Whirlwind which used an old Warhammer square base as the launcher?

ZOATS! I actually exclaimed "Jesus Christ Zoats! Zoats!" when I saw them.

Stunties! We couldn't have an anniversary without Stunties.

They also had the Terminator box set I bought for Space Hulk. Was an awesome set.

Oh and the old Ork weapon sprue including an old rounded plasma gun. Still got some of those in the bits boxes.

Exhibition Hall...

Prospero and Pilgrym Boards.

Just a few shots from the new displays on show.

Pilgrym Board:

Warhammer World Gaming Board:

And finally we have some pictures of the new WIP gaming board for Warhammer World. This used to be the Hobbit Goblin Town gaming board. As you can see it is a similar type of set up, but now it'll be a 40k mining facility instead.

Spikeyjames in the background. 


  1. Thanks for the pics, I built one of those Whirlwinds! And fondly remember getting those big square boxes of goodness! Squats, Skeleton Warriors, Orks... fun times.

  2. Awesome pics and so many memories. Wish I could have been there but sadly had to work.

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! The oldhammer 40k pics really took me down memory lane, good stuff!

  4. Glad people like the blast from the past pictures.