Sunday, 27 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 2

Decimator has progressed.

I attacked all the armour plates with the Dremel and added patches of GS and other Nurgley bits.

I assembled each leg - which was a pain even without one of the bits breaking - and put together a base.

I then assembled the torso, legs and base together. This was not fun.

Above - the base with the two feet in position.
Below - More cables & GS added to the torso. I also added some LGS & sugar to the hip piece to add a bit of texture different to the fleshy GS areas.

The current state with the shoulder plates just resting in place.

I added brass rod to the hips joints and also through the base ito the right foot. While doing this one of the knee joints starting to come apart so I had to reglue and pin there as well.

The thing is a hulking beast but I did not enjoy putting those legs together. Still need more work on them, partly due to the mess I caused putting the whole thing together.

So next up, more work to the legs and joints, then onto the arms and weapons. The weapons are not going to be out of the box - I plan on turning the Storm Laser into a Butcher Cannon and the Conversion Beamer is being redone due to it looking a bit naff and being a crappy cast.

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