Sunday, 20 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Head Herald 1

About time I did a post showing some work on an actual model.

With the next Meet Up approaching with the Heresy Weekender I want to get some reinforcements built for the Nurgle Daemons. If I have time I may even get some paint on them (or perhaps finish some already started...).

First up the new Herald.

This guy will be the leader of the Heralds, the first among equals as it were. He will count as a Herald on Palanquin, I will also try out using the Epidemius rules for him at some point. Can't stand the GW model.

The plan was to build him pretty much as stock, though leaving off his halberd/axe which is normally hanging off the rear of his mount.

In the end I removed his left arm completely and replaced it with a Plaguebearer one and replace his boring looking sword with a Plaguebearer leaders sword, which turned out a bit more tricky than I expected.

He still needs a bit of clean up round the sword joint (see below). His original left hand was a large mutated thing holding what I imagine is the 'reins' for the beast. I had to carve it away without breaking the pieces off.

Once I do the small clean up he'll be done. Not sure I want to add anything else to him.

Next up is the Decimator which I have already started cleaning up and Nurglifying.


  1. Dude what stuff do you use for basing, looks sweet!

    1. It's just sand and cat litter with some part casts of GW branches. Pretty simple.

  2. I've had that guy assembled & undercoated for about three years now.... still don't know where to start with him.

    He's a great looking dude though.

    1. Mine will probably face a similar fate. You are right he's a real looker.


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