Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimator 1

Early stages of putting the Decimator together...

Nurgley Exhausts, hip piece pinned in place. Replaced a number of the cables and the Nurgle Flesh (i.e. GS) hides some other naff cables.

The shoulder plates (and head not shown) have been attacked with a dremel and the one plate had a little GS added.

And with the shoulder plates and head blu tac'd in place...

Obviously quite a lot left.

I am also looking to rebuild completely the conversion beamer, for a start I don't like the look of it but it is also a crap cast with wonky struts.


  1. Nice! Really looking forward to seeing it come together - looking great, man!

  2. Great job so far, coming together really nicely.

  3. Cheers very much.

    Hopefully more work will be done on the Decimator this weekend.