Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - Bits and Bobs

So it has been quiet in here again.

Alas hobby time has been limited due to work getting in the way, along with a couple of gigs and a day shooting people (my other, lesser, hobby). What free time I have had has been devoted to working my way through Extermination which I picked up as part of the Collectors Set at the FW Open Day...

It is lovely. The Mechanicum are calling me stronger with every book FW do.

However, fear not for I have touched a model...


Basically yes, I have done this entire post as an excuse to do what is a very weak joke.

So in an attempt to make this post at least half worthy of doing here is what is on the cards and what will hopefully be appearing on here soon(ish).

Heresy Weekender:

I shall be at the FW/BL Heresy Weekender again this year so expect lots of pictures after the event – and possibly after the first day if I can be bothered to sort pictures and get internet working in the hotel. That weekend will also be the next Meet Up between myself, Nife and Maelstrom so expect some picture of that as well.

Nurgle Deamons:

For that Meet Up I hope to get some new reinforcements for the Deamons built, these are...

Left to right we have a Decimator – which will be Nurglised somewhat, a lovely Plague Hulk and Kazyk the Befouled who will become a Herald on Palanquin.

Kazyk will become the fourth Herald I have in the army and you may have noticed not one of them is a Plaguebearer type figure. My reason for this is I don’t want the Heralds to be simply Daemons+, i.e. rank and file who have been raised above the others. I prefer the idea that all deamons are basically the same, each just a small part of the greater form that is Papa Nurgle. Instead my Heralds are all sort of mini-Deamon Princes. Former mortal champions of Nurgle who succumbed to his poxes or in some other way could no longer perform adequately in the mortal realm so were brought into the Plaguefathers realm to continue in his service.

Imperial Guard:

As mentioned in a post not long ago I am awaiting the new Guard Codex to arrive so that I can re-organise and sort out the Militia. It is on order from Wayland, so it’ll probably be here sometime before Winter. Along with a Hydra. In the meantime I keep wanting to get the Militia out and make a start, but can’t really do that without the book...and I need to get focused on the Daemons. Well as focused as I can be. Which isn’t much.

I am also eagerly waiting some bits from Col Gravis which will allow me to add some veterans and Rough Riders to the Militia.


  1. You sure you don't have a kid somewhere? That was such a Dad joke.

    1. I hope not.

      And it was a perfectly respectable joke.

  2. I see Daemon Heralds in a very similar way. Almost like there are hierarchical steps on the way to becoming a Daemon Prince. A champion may not have done a deed so great he becomes a prince instantly, but enough of a deed to be given a smaller form of Daemonhood and a chance to prove himself greater.

    1. Aye. Not every Champion can be worthy of full Daemon Prince status but can still be worthy of reward. On a visual bonus having them like this makes them stand out from the rank and file far more.

  3. Why use Wayland? Elements games are far more reliable!

    Sorry I haven't popped in to say hello until now, been enjoying your stuff and have only just started my own blog on here:

    1. Never heard of them, i'll have to check them out.

  4. What a twist! You touched Chaos instead of being Chaos touched :P I use Wayland too and I live in Canada. Ironically the shipping from the UK is cheaper than what USPS charges even though Canada and the USA share the biggest undefended border in the world.

    1. The only issue with Wayland is that the delivery time is a pain in the arse...and their stock system is as useful as using a fork to eat soup.

  5. Would you, by any chance, have a few pictures of the limited edition books?
    I have ordered it but it won't be shipped until May first and I'm dying to get a glimpse of it.

    Looking forward to your weekender report.


    1. Hmm, only pics I have are just of the set in the slip case. Not sure what pictures I could show you that you can't see on the FW site. Anything in particular you are after (bearing in mind IP issues etc...)?


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