Friday, 12 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 5

I do hate building these damn things.

Command Squad is nearly done. So very nearly done.

Spent over two hours last night trying to finish them. I only had three left to do and one of those was just basing (the commander). The other two were only missing their left arms. That is it, just two left arms. I still have one without a left arm. I hate them.

The whole squad. Just ten of them, including missing arm man top left.

The Commander and Standard were just clean up jobs and bases. Gave them both rocks to stand on, give them a bit more presence. The Commander needed a new cable to his weapon (see below) as that snapped off years ago. I also removed another cable running into his chest as that was damaged.

I gave some of them a quick coat of grey primer to better show if there were still any gaps that needed cleaning. The Vox on the left was a bugger, I just couldn't seem to fill the gap where his left arm joins together (left arms seem to be a problem for Militia in may ways). Not sure what the middle guy is trying to signal, something important probably. Plasma gunner uses a body from the Artillery crew set.

Guy above was one of the left arms I had a nightmare with last night. In the end I cut his hand off and stuck a hook in it.

This guy also got hand replacement surgery uses a knife I spent an age carefully carding up, some GS rope and a cut down Enforcer little shield thing. This was done for choice rather than in desperation.

The heavy weapon team, did a little cleaning up on base and adding a bit more sand so the team and weapon didn't look like they were 'floating'.

That is the bastard who still needs an arm. It will be done this weekend. Or he'll be melted down.

In related news I had these arrive...

...namely four boxes of Scions. The Vets will be under way soon.

In other related news I am changing things...again.

Looking at the HW teams (namely Missile Launcher and Mortar teams) I need to redo something on them.

Many years ago I did some ammo cases for both as well as cut down a Missile for the teams. Basically as I wanted mini-dioramas for each HW team I needed something for them to have carried the missiles or shells around in.

So with that in mind we have these examples...

Here is the thing, I don't like them. I think they look crap. As an idea they are fine but in the execution they lack a lot.

For a start the missile is still far too big, it is just stupid that even in 40k with their over the top weapons that the missile is that big, because the missile is that big the ammo case for them is massive.

My plan is thus, over the weekend to do some 3D models for a new missile and the ammo boxes. I'll then get them printed and cast up for the HW teams. It means a delay is posting the first batch off to Sheep but I think it will be worth it. Besides while I wait for the prints to arrive I can crack on with the Vets.

I am resisting the urge to make the Lascannon smaller.


  1. Looking great man, the command squad looks fantastic! I hear ya on how much of a pain the renegade's arms are, I'd taken a run at 'em and had the exact same issues.

    The hard work is definitely paying off, though!

  2. Hang in their bud, they look great!!

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    I'll keep plugging away...i've broken the back of them now so it's downhill from now (I hope).