Sunday, 21 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 6

Unfortunately it has been one of those weeks.

I have at least started the Veteran squads.

Unlike the rest oft he Militia force which I built before I put together my Realm of Battle board I decided to start by cleaning & assembling all of the legs and basing them.

Top row is one squad and the second row the other squad.

I've also assembled the torsos.

I removed all of the small aerials from the torsos, except from the two which will be for the squad leaders (below). I removed most of the little lights as well, just kept a smattering. I added a little bit of damage and removed some of the armour plates which hang from the waist. Just to show these guys aren't well equipped Imperial Storm Troopers, but vets who have scavenged gear. I'll add some repairs/damage to a few as well.

My original plan was to carve some chaos stars into the front plate, but after looking at the models decided not to bother as you just don't see the front plate with the gun in place.

The leaders kept the aerials to help stand out from the rank and file, as I am giving everyone hellguns including the leaders they needed something - though I am also mounting them on rocks (see first pick) so it shouldn't be an issue.

I've since started to put the arms/weapons together, you can see four in the first pic next to legs. The fifth set is the Vox guy.

I removed the original aerial from the back pack as I didn't like it. The brass rod will be trimmed back later once I have the second Vox built so I can get them both the same length.

In the Scions box you don't get the option to have a Vox modelled armed with a Hellgun, so I had to do a little work cutting up a second back pack so I could add the power cable running to the vox back pack (forgot to get a picture of that).

I did consider converting the backpacks to include an emergency air tank, but ditched it as the Vox wouldn't be able to mount it.

Next weekend is the next Meet Up, but I hope to get a fair amount done on these before then so there should be an update this week sometime.


  1. "Because the gun blocks the front plate". much this. Dry fitting models is so important. I can't tell you the number of times I've spent working or cleaning something up, then assembled the model and smacked my head.

  2. I hear what you say about these guys being vets with scrounged gear - hence choppin' bits off and leaving bits out.

    But there is no reason (?) that the forces of chaos should not have their own elite forces like the scions. But then they're all gettin' hotshotz so...


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