Sunday, 7 June 2015

Chaos Renegade Militia - Infantry Build Redux 4

Another week, another squad done.

So unit 'M' - Infantry Squad B is now all done.

As always with these it was nothing but joy and happiness.

These guys are more assault orientated, they will likely get the Khorne Covenant giving them a bit of an edge when getting into close combat.

They all have pistols & close combat weapons bar the three special weapons - two flamers and a melta gun. Should give people pause before assaulting them.

I had to do a number of weapon swaps on these guys as well as build two new members. The rest got gap filling and some tidying up plus the basing done.

Still not sure about his little hat.

The squad leader used to be my Infantry Platoon Commander as was armed with a bolt pistol and power fist. For a squad leader this seemed a bit over the top (plus I didn't really like the look if I'm honest). SO I removed the original arms and gave him a power sword (so he still has something extra in CC) and a bolt pistol, I changed the bolt pistol arm as the original was a Marine arm, though without a shoulder pad, it was ok but a Guard one does look better, the pistol though is still a Marine one - I couldn't find a Guard bolt pistol unfortunately.

This special weapon trooper used to have a Heavy Flamer (I so liked fielding that), the Heavy Flamer got converted into a Flamer, which was trickier than it sounds.

One of the typical arm/weapon swaps I had to do. He used to be a Demo Charger guy (again I am going to so miss fielding those). For something a bit different I decided to not give him a pistol, instead he is seen relying on the only things he has left - his last grenade and his mace. He'll probably find a pistol eventually from a dead enemy (or squad mate).

For the other flamer is was a case of a quick clean up and filling plus adding more fuel for the flamer. I was going to add it strapped to his belt like on the other flamer guy, but in the end I couldn't be arsed doing it. Instead he is shown after he has changed the fuel cannister and dumped the empty.

While doing these I also put together three Tank commanders that Sheep suggested I include.

There was a fourth I was doing but in the process of cleaning him up I slipped and a. cut the cables/tubes I was removing flash from and b. stabbed myself. He is a lost cause. I do have somewhere an Enforcer tank commander I built ages ago, if I can find that I'll chuck him in as well.


At this point I would put up the progress chart and feel slightly smug about getting another unit done.

However I have been mulling things over and I am going to make a change to the force. I have already put Sheep's mind at rest that this doesn't mean more infantry to paint. It does though cut down hugely on the work I need to do.

"So what are you changing?" I hear you ask.

Well in the previous plan I had a Veteran squad (fulfilling the second compulsory Troop slot) and a Disciples squad (an Elite choice). Both are 10 man squads, the former have WS 4 while the later have BS4.

What I really want though is two squads with BS4, to form hard hitting ranged units backing up the large blocks of grunts. I've already got the Infantry squad above along with the hard hitting Ogryn Berserkers and Rough Riders to go charging into assault.

So after going back to the IA13 list and looking at the options I have decided to change the Devotion my Demagogue has. The original choice had some bonuses but of those only a couple I will miss. The new one allows me to upgrade Veteran Squads to Grenadier squads, this includes a boost to their BS.

Originally I was going to cast up some torsos done by Gravis for the Vets and Disciples, these are very nice and exactly what I was hoping for from him. However I just can't face having to make backpacks, do cabling, do heads and of course do moulds and cast everything. I've got enough to do already.

Instead I am going to use the excellent looking Scion models (the rules cover the options you get with them). It means I can build two squads without the pain and time having to convert etc.

Torso by Gravis.

I now need to order four boxes of Scions.

The chart has been updated to include the tank commanders (I may add that fourth one if I find it) and the change to the Vet squads.


  1. I think his hat is great. Just because he's succumbed to the lure of chaos is no reason not to look fabulous.

  2. Just to throw it out there, you should know that there is no rough rider equivalent in IA 13. Unless you field the unit from the AM book.

    1. Yeah I know. I am changing the Guard unit into a Militia one, so updating options, Covenant etc. Easy thing to so.