Saturday, 21 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 4

Another update on the WAoN, both on the front and up top...

Up top I cleaned up the bell tower pieces more, nothing worth getting pics of though as it was just mouldlines and removing some parts I didn't like the look of.

The top plate the bell sits on has changed a bit though. On top of the cast turrets I added magnets:

Three magnets in an appropriate pattern naturally. I took the top plate as was and glued in position some large diameter washers, these were then plated over with styrene. The top plate was then edged with some .25 strip and all the gaps GS'd. The top plate is now about 5mm thick. No pics of all this though, would of been a bit boring to look at. Now that I have sorted the top plate for size I can move onto the more interesting areas - namely how it joins to the base plate & how the bell tower blends into it.

The more interesting work happened at the front with the platform.

I glued the platform in position and then moved onto adding:

1. Bracketry at sides and underneath.
2. GS Nurgleyness to the one side of the platform to show where the Daemon inside is coming through the gap.
3. Textured the rear wall (though more is to be done to this and you can't see the texture well in the pictures)
4. GS down the one side of the rear wall - the other side is yet to be done.

And with a couple of figures in place:

Still more GS and other details to be added, including some railing. The railing will wait to the end though otherwise i'll just break it as I do other work.

Side shot to show height:

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