Sunday, 29 May 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 6

Decided to add some more platforms to the War Altar in the same style as the one at the front:

I used some 1.5mm brass rod to pin them to the side of the tank. Will need to sort some people to stand on it, along with the Nurglings of course.

I did a bit more work on top as well including starting to texture the styrene as well as doing the area between the base and top turret plates.

Fair bit to do obviously. Added a bit of Badab Black to some of the textured area to show it up a bit better.


  1. Really neat conversion. I love the Nurgle touches, which look plague-ridden but don't have the sloppy look that lots of other's Nurgle conversions have. Nicely executed.

  2. Thanks very much. Next week I intend on getting back onto the WAoN including tackling the Bell on top.