Monday, 2 May 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 14

Only a small update tonight, I wasn't originally going to do one so little had been done. But I took a couple of pictures so thought I might as well...

Work has started on the tower itself. The PVC pipe has been clad in styrene and the base of the top 'hut' has been done and glued in place. I have done the three seperating walls (but no detail added) and done the basic door pieces that will fit in two of the walls - those leading from the Weirdboy cells into the Minderz room.

Underneath the hut will be plenty of supports and some other gubbinz I have in mind. As such it won't look quite so precarious when finished and the tower will not be as thin at the top, indeed probably half of the styrene you can see on the tower at the moment will be covered.

Lots and lots to do on it.

Current height at the moment it just hitting 13"...which, I admit, is quite tall...

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