Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Storm'amma 4

The last one, for sometime anyway.

I have started painting this beast, though it is far, far from finished...

All of my Ork tanks are getting done in a camo scheme, however, each tank will have a different camo painted on it. To continue with the theme that all the tanks are inspired by Imperial tanks, the Orks decided to use some of their paint schemes as well. But each tank commander picked their own scheme to paint on their tank, they also don't exactly understand the point of camo, so it will always be an Orky version...

Black undercoat.
Base coats - Orky build got a metal colour,
Original Imperial areas got a colour for desert warfare.
First camo colour - white
Second camo colour - light blue
Third colour - rusty red
And that is as far as I got before I got bored with the whole painting thing.

Just one picture left to show.

Scale shot:
Looted Russes - Deffstrike - Choppa (Baneblade sized) - Storm'amma

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