Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Storm'amma 3

...and the next installment.

Stowage and t'ing...

Drums - of fuel presumably?

The bracket is hinged and the chain goes through the hook and
hooks into itself holding the drums in place.

Stowage basket and shelf for fuel cans. In the basket goes some spare
Big Shoota barrels, road wheels, some tools and other gubbinz including...
A spare Orky track link. That was a bitch to make.

And now...


Twin Skorcha turret, using the Baneblade TL Heavy Bolter turret.
The Baneblade turret got Twin Linked Boomguns added but
otherwise only got new Orky hatches and decorations.

One of the sponsons, each sports two TL Big Shootas - magnetised
for those pesky weapon destroyed results.
Close up.
The second turret with twin Boom Guns and mini turret
sporting a Zzap Gun. The hatch opens for the Kommanda.

Rear - bit more detail did get added in the end.

Some of the detail that got added, also the mounting point for the
Comms Grot System on the Zzap Gun Turret.

Grot gunner with the hatch opened.

And finally at the front there is the 'delivery systme' for the transport:

Assault ramp with a hull mounted Twin Linked Big Shootas above.
And finally the Stikkbomm Chukka mounted above the assault ramp


  1. Mate this post blows me away! Your useable tanks is like a diorama in itself, the details are incredible and I love the narrative you have created with the models on and around the hull.

    Incredible, I don't think I've ever seen work this good before!

  2. Plus the fuel barrel/chain setup is top class. I've actually operated rigs with similar setups for containing drums, simple works best and I love the fact that you have worked a real life engineering solution in to the hobby.

  3. Red - for some reason Blogger hasn't put your comments back up since they did their maintenance...

    However I still have the email telling me what they say so thanks for the comments! Much appreciated. I like to get some 'reality' for want of a better word into the builds, though at the same time I like to keep them firmly in the 40k universe - one which is made up etc. But it is in the details the builds come alive so the more attention spent on them the better.

    Cheers again.