Saturday, 14 May 2011

CRM Engineering Vehicles - Trojan 1

Another 'blast from the past'.

Always liked the Trojan, no idea why in all honesty. Rather than picking up the FW kit and probably never using it in an actual game I decided to build one myself. This was a number of years ago and if I am completely truthful I know i could do it better, however I still like how it turned out.

The finished build undercoated

Using a Chimera as a base I built a new hull top and rear, sticking to the FW design as close as possible.

 The crane comes from a 1/35 scale model kit.

At that point I gave the whole thing a coat of grey spray to highlight any gaps etc.

I actually re-did a bit of the rear (you can't tell in the pictures below though) as a couple of details were a bit off. Loads of stowage was then added. I decided that I didn't like the dozer blade so removed it and added a ram instead along with stowage chained to it.

Some Militia decoration was added. This was kept to a minimum as I don't like it being too overbearing, especially on a vehicle which isn't on the front lines much, more of a gopher.

The tools are from the same 1/35 scale model kit. The crane is attached with magnets for ease of storage.

Couple of close ups:

The battlefield improvised Ram

Tools & Stowage
If I ever have the time I might do a second one.

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