Friday, 13 May 2011

CRM Rough Riders 2

Now that Blogger is back up I can do last nights update...talking of Blogger being down I appear to of lost two comments from Red for the Storm'amma 3 post. God knows where they have gone...

The original plan was to get the first Rough Rider done before buying any more Seekers, however Bits and Kits had a restock so I grabbed them while I could.

Once they had arrived I made up just four of them so that I would have one of each sculpt to work with. What I didn't realise was that there are a number of variations between the different sculpts - namely some had fur, some have spikes, some have a webbed ridge. To get over this I think I will end up having to GS some fur. These are mean to be a Xenos mount so I don't want too much variation in them. On two of them I changed their tongues so that they were no longer forked.

On the legs I did a bit more cleaning up and also added a pocket to each side. I did this with a simple GS push mould.

Unfortunately what i feared turned out to be true, namely that the same pair of legs will not fit all the Seekers. The plan now is likely to be that I do a mould for these legs which will fit some of the Seekers then modify them to suit the other Seekers, which will then also be used to create a mould.

No idea why I am building these, I don't really need them...I'm just too easily distracted by new ideas I think.

Talking of which, I am very tempted to buy a DE Talos or two along with a GK Dreadknight...

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