Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ork Glyphs 1

Been a while since I did any moulds or cast any bits so it is a bit overdue getting something new done.

After the other night when I spent hours cutting and carving ork glyphs I thought it would be very handy if I had a mould of them allowing me to cast glyphs as I needed.

So first job was carving some glyphs out of 1mm styrene. I used 12mm squares as the base so all of them would sit alongside each other ok. For some of them I did a couple of versions.

I kept them all 'clean' - by this I mean I didn't distress them. Instead I will do that to the cast pieces allowing me to get some variety into the castings. I added rivets though I now many will not come out on the castings, any that do save me a bit of time.

All the glyphs glued to a piece of recycled styrene.
I then got the moulding box set up using lego and plasticene.

Lego - Denmarks greatest contribution to the world.
24 hours to cure should see me casting the first set off tomorrow night.

Fingers crossed...


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  2. What do you use for the mold making and casting compounds? Your casting is top notch.

  3. Cheers.

    I get my casting materials from

    The rubber I use is Grade 380
    The resin I use is Grade G26

    I hope that is useful.