Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gun Turrets 2

Will be having a go at casting the Glyphs shortly but in the meantime here is the follow up post for the Gun Turrets.

Now that the main piece is out of the way we can move onto the killy part...

As I said in in the first post one of the reasons I wanted to make the gun turrets was because I had so many Russ and Chimera turrets spare. This is due to a number of my tanks using Forge World turrets, or being converted in some way.

The finished turrets:
x3 Battlecannon Turrets
x1 Vanquisher Cannon Turret
x1 Exterminator Turret
x1 Executioner Turret
x1 Multimelta Turret
x1 Twin Linked Heavy Bolter Turret
x1 Inferno Cannon Turret.

Example of the magnets in place.
 The easiest turrets were of course the Battlecannon ones, these were simply built straight with no alterations other than modifying the bottom of each one to accept the magnet. For the Vanquisher I simply extended the barrel. Personally I much prefer the FW Vanq turrets but the gun turret rules do not include a co-axial heavy stubber (shame), so I went with the simple option instead. The Exterminator turret was the much seen 'stick two autocannon into the hole' conversion.

Exterminator and Battlecannon turrets.

Vanquisher and Multi Melta turrets.
The Multimelta turret was a bit more involved. It is a Chimera which I added styrene to the bottom of to make it deeper. A spare end to a Marine Multi Melta was used (i think, it is possible it might of been the multi melta from the new HH kit) and a storm bolter (again, I think) for the weapon itself. Additional armour 'plates' were added around the turret.

Inferno Cannon and TL Heavy Bolter Turrets
These two were pretty straight forward. The Heavy Bolters come from a Baneblade/Shadowsword kit and were perfect for the job. A spare HH Inferno Gun piece along with some styrene tube became the weapon for the final Chimera turret. Both were deepened and detailed as per the first Chimera turret above.

The Executioner was the only turret that required any real work. The gun itself comes from the new Russ kit, but the old style Russ turret is nowhere near wide enough to take it, hence the styrene additions you can see above.

The turrets had searchlights added (they come with them as standard), though I didn't have enough for all of them so some just get the bracket added, with damage modelled on to show where the searchlight had been removed due to damage or blown off. Some skulls showing their CRM allegiance were added as well. Not many though as these aren't front line units so there won't be so many corpses to hack up for decoration.

The Executioner Turret in place.

The four gun turrets undercoated grey, you can make out the bits of stowage, skulls etc added to each one. I also added aerials which can be removed for ease of storage. The aerials come from the Baneblade kit.

That is basically it.

For now...after casting these four (along with another 20 or so for other people) I had an idea...

 I knocked up an insert which fits inside the gun turret mould thusly:

This allows me to cast 'hollow' gun turrets:

A hollow gun turret.

Which when introduced to a hammer gives you this...
So the plan is to make four destroyed gun turrets to swap when turrets get destroyed. Rubble would be added as well as wrecked turrets and so on. Level of damage would vary but it will always be obvious what they represent.

They are on the to do list - which is frighteningly long, so don't expect them too soon.

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