Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 33

So another small update on the Karrier following up from the sneak peak at the end of the last post.

First up here are a few better shots of the steps:

I used treadplate on the top of each step so the Nobs don't embaress themselves, however I cut down the treadplate to show where there has been a lot of traffic wearing the pattern smooth.

I thought about adding a railing but the idea of...
  1. an Ork being knocked off the top lever by the door opening and him falling down the open lift shaft and
  2. the door being thrown open and a Grot being drop kicked into the open air
...was far too appealing to add it.

A bit of Cities of Death scenery props up the top level.

The next project is the walkway, so this evening I mocked up the different platforms and worked out where the ladders & doors into the building would go.

The blue lines mark out the ladders while the shaded areas show the open areas on the platforms. So the top level will be the thinnest platform as that will be Grots only,

On the outside face you can see the lower walkway which will be for Nobz only, that will get a rail and a bolt on Big Shoota or two. As you can see for the Grots to get to their station they have to go round the back and climb all the way up to the top platform then walk along to the only entrance into their level - obviously the Kaptin and his Nobz wouldn't let them go through their level.

In the above pics you can just about make out the two new doors I built, one for the Nob level and one for the Grot level.

Not too many rivets added as only the stairs and the two new doors have been done...

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