Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 32

After many updates in quick succession it has gone a bit quiet in here...real life alas meant little could be done to the Karrier over the last four or five days. Apart from having a massive clear up and sort out I am now also back in work after the Xmas break.

Blogger is being a bitch again when it comes to uploading pictures direct,so I have had to load pictures from Photobucket, fingers crossed this actually works...

But one thing I did manage to do was the mould for the Rokkit and cast five of them up:

I also had some parts from Zinge arrive which allowed me to do the last pieces of the KFF. 'Last pieces?' I hear you ask, well yes. The plan was always to add a 'booster' pieces for the KFF, with such a big vehicle it made sense to have a smaller unit which boosted the coverage.

The pieces are magnetic for painting and also transport.

As you can see above I haven't done a huge amount and so the total hasn't gone up by much:


  1. Very impressed with your rockets, some serious high quality casting there.

    1. Well I have given them a coat of primer so you can't see the GS on them...