Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ork Kopta Karrier 36

Mini update as the tracks are finally on.

The tracks are from Blood and Skull Industries (check them out on ebay for lots of track options). Taken me a while to fit them all due to the usual needs of resin (lot of scrubbing) and I need to go over them with some GS.

I pinned the track in position either side of the widened section as there is little support there. I also added pins where the resin road wheels were added (they are also from Blood and Skull Industries).

I'm not sure yet but I may look to add some track guards over the front of the track (the first pic in the three pic montage above is the front). Something along the lines of the FW Superheavy conversion kits for the Baneblade.

Here you can see the resin road wheels

Other thing that has changed is the steps, namely I have removed the rail going up the stairs.

Next up will be tidying/cleaning up. Add some dags & glyphs, possibly do those track guard things. And that will hopefully be that...


  1. Awesome! Machinator does awesome resin work - I really dig how the treads turned out, and the road wheels are perfect. Tremendous work as always!