Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Da Choppa 5

Well, even with a few glitches such as crappy GW varnish sprays and running out of the Vallejo Model Air Turn Signal Red and an awkward moment the basic camo scheme has been laid down. I still need to do it on a hatch and the exhausts, but i'll have to wait for the new paint to arrive for that.
The glyphs on the skirts have been painted but I still need to do those on the turret and hull - as well as any dags. Also only started to re-base coat items that won't be camo, such as the chain, gun mounts ete.

And with the skirts and turret in place...

You may recognise the inspiration behind the camo scheme. I basically picked a GW one and bastardised it a bit. What looks like black in the picture is actually a dark green.

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