Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ork Mekboy Junka 1

Alas I have been ill most of the week and i've been unable to do anything other than take some pictures of Da Choppa (see last post).

Tonight will be another modelling wash out and tomorrow I will be out all evening, so to prevent the blog being too quiet I thought I would do another 'catch up/blast from the past' post. Plus it has been a while since I did one.

Now this conversion uses a Manticore as the base vehicle, I lengthened it a bit to give me the room I needed to go to town on it.

It was built for someone else, as such I did it in a different style to the Ork vehicles for my own force. Doing it in the 'GW' style - namely doing very limited distressing to the plate edges, means it will sit side by side with GW kits such as the trukk and battlewagon without a problem.

In the pictures the vehicle lacks crew as these were to be added by the owner himself.

A couple of Manticore missiles provide the turbo boost.


Hatch ready for the Krew.

KFF from the rear.

The Deffrolla had to be widened to fit.

And the side arms modified to suit.

Breakdown of components - The Missiles were also
removeable for ease of painting.
Overall I was quite happy how it turned out. It was also a pretty quick build, not having to distress all the panels makes the whole thing go a lot quicker. The customer seemed pretty pleased with what he got so all round a good experience.


  1. I love this thing! This must have taken so much effort to do! The details are fantastic! Great job!

  2. Quite impressive, very nicely done

  3. Thanks very much everyone, always appreciated.