Sunday, 5 January 2014

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 13

After a quick trip to the local hobby store to pick up some Raw Umber paint I was able to crack on with the Realm of Battle gaming boards.

To recap (as it has been a while since I last did work on these) I modified some Realm of Battle gaming boards to give me more variety in set ups.

Two boards had the hills extended...

And two others had rivers carved into them...

So the paint job has come on a lot today. Unfortunately as the sun had long gone by the time I had finished just the first two I won't be able to touch up the paint jobs or paint any corrections so that these match the existing boards I have. I will also add some washes at this stage as well before adding a bit of foliage. The river boards will then get some water effect.

Here is the current state of the boards:

I still have two hill panels untouched. The plan for one will be a waterfall of some kind, the other is currently in limbo. I did think of doing a panel similar to FW's Imperial Strongpoint but I went off that idea so if you have any ideas post them up and I might (might) do it.


  1. Coming along nicely mate,

    How about an ork shanty town for the other board? Or some kind of chaos portal?

    1. Nah, those are more scatter terrain or individual terrain pieces which can be added to the board as required. Having them modelled into the board would limit it's uses not to mention be a bugger to store.

  2. That's turned out really nicely mate, what kind of water effects are you thinking using?

    1. Just the GW one, going to need a fair few bottles though.

      When I eventually do the waterfall i'll use some of the gel like stuff.