Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - This Still Isn't a Review Post.

So yeah, not a review post. More of a 'what-may-be-coming-in-the-near-future-type-of-post' post.

Realm of Battle Gaming Boards.

After the gaming over the last couple of days I decided not to pack away the gaming boards just yet. Even though I started these several years ago I have never had chance to finish them off. So to begin with I have poured more water effect into the pools onto the first two boards.

After these pools, and the ones on the remaining board, are filled i'll move onto the other RoB boards I have started...

Extended Hills

River Boards

Nurgle Daemons...

Awaiting my attention are my Nurgle Deamons.

Still to finish off are a unit of Plaguebearers, some Nurgling Bases, three Plague Drones, a Blight Drone and of course Scabby...


The futuristic ball game is a blast to play so it seems natural to pick up a team to build.

I'm not a fan of many of the teams but the Robots caught my eye so I have those sitting on my workbench.


As mentioned before I got hold of Stronghold Assault. Being a fan of all things siege-y I can't help thinking that in the coming months I will turn my hand to building something that will play a part in a defensive line.

Whether Ork or Imperial I am yet to decide...

Other things...

On top of those I have my Deathwing Zone Mortalis force to paint up...

Oh and of course the Death Guard Horus Heresy force which while I have some models for but I am still in the process of planning as you can see left and right:

I think that is everything I can think of at the moment.

Just to finish off I should mention last night I had an article go up on Bell of Lost Souls which can be found here.

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