Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - This Isn't a Review of the Year Post.

..it just happens to fall on New Years Eve.

Due to the holiday festivities not a huge amount on the hobby front has been done lately.

What I did have was a couple of days of gaming, it broke down to a day of Dreadball and a day of 40K.


For Dreadball I had to knock up some bases for my Robot team. Basically Dreadball team members can be either Strikers, Guards or Jacks (i.e. Jack of all trades). Robot teams though all start as Jacks and then have the ability to change roles during the game. So to keep track of all these changes I modified a Dreadball Hex base and then cast up a shed load of them. Adding a washer into the base and a magnet to the players I could colour code the bases...

Blue for Jacks, Red for Guards and White for Strikers.
The bases worked perfectly - except for the blue on the Jacks being a bit too dark to see easily in the light. As such I'll change that to a lighter colour, probably green.

I also had to knock up some counters, while I had bought everything else I needed to play the game I didn't buy the handful of counters you need. Simple enough job to do.

As for the games themselves all three finished 3-0 which was a bit weird. I won two and lost one (but so very nearly one that one with the last play of the game).

Hopefully I'll start putting the team itself together soon so expect some updates in the near future.


The Daemons had a run out...nothing to really see here except for the first time in the new house I got to set up the full gaming board in the living room, I say 'full board' but I mean a full 6x4 gaming board...not all the RoB panels I've got as that would be something of a squeeze.

Gaming in Comfort
The two games ended up a win each, with some of the dice rolling I had I'm surprised I didn't lose both heavily.

In case we played ZM I also cast up some more pallets...

In the end I didn't need them, but i'll get on with adding the stowage and tarps now so they should be ready for the next 'Gaming Meet Up'.

Talking of terrain I don't usually get hobby related stuff as presents but this year I did get Stronghold Assault. Nice book though would of been so much better if they had put the effort in to do non-Imperial themed fortifications. However as I do love a Siege expect at some point more terrain in the shape of bunkers etc appearing on RD. You have been warned.

And Finally...

As I've not done one of these general rambling type of posts here are a couple of new Blogs I am now following...

Seismic Miniature Painting Studio

40k Hobby Blog

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