Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Scatter Terrain 16

Well after six straight posts on the Junka I thought it would be good to have a post which is completely different.

I've been doing some casting recently due to getting some new equipment (I'll cover that in another post on it's own later) and I decided to return to a project I last looked at way back in July 2012 - I can't believe it has been that long...- namely some pallets for scatter terrain, especially for games of Zone Mortalis.

Due to it being so long it is probably best if I start from the beginning.

I did some 3D models...

You can make out in the pics that one hole was skull shaped, just for fun.

Each pallet was in two parts, namely a base and a top. These were then 3D printed, and after cleaning up (the ID plates didn't come out at all) and a coat of grey spray they looked like this:

So going with the large pallet I decided to finally get some moulds done and pieces cast.

The base went off without a hitch and I've now got seven cast up, I say without a hitch I made a cock up with two of them and amazingly managed to not put enough resin in, but I just carved a bit of battle damage into the one corner and it'll be fine.

When I opened up the mould for the top I hit a problem. I can without worry of being contradicted say that this it the worse mould I have done. Due to me rushing it and trying to recycle old rubber I found there was a number of air bubbles (more than a dozen), but those can be worked round easy enough - it just means more clean up of the casts will be required. However the worst thing is that a small area of rubber had 'lifted away' (I can't think of a better way to describe it) from the master. It's not an air bubble as the 'lifted' area has the detail moulded in it...
So I am in split mind as to what to do, I could do a new mould but that would take a couple of days and even recycling the old mould would still cause some waste and I need what unused rubber I have left for other things. I think I can get away with it. It's in an area where stores can always cover it, plus I will be adding tarps to most of the finished pieces so I think I can always cover up what isn't covered by stores. Certainly for now I am going to use this mould to knock out some pallets.

Once cleaned up the assembled pallet looks like this:

And with some quicky cast barrels...

As mentioned above the plan will eventually have tarps over these things, as shown in my earlier experiments...

So that's that for now, I will knock out some more pallets and start getting stores on them and tarps added. I'm not sure if I want to do the small pallet, I think it is a bit redundant to be honest. But I may come back to it in the future.


  1. these are pretty cool!! if you plan on selling these id probably attempt to fix the flaw as it would increase the quality but to be honest as long as people are aware its there and that theyll need to cover/repair the one section it wouldnt be too bad
    other wise just leave it most people would add battle damage or crates/barrels anyway sso its easy enough to cover

    1. Cheers.

      Chances are I won't do a new mould as this is easily able to do the ones I need with a bit of work on the casts and once the stores are in place you wouldn't know there was ever a problem.

      As you say if anyone wants to have casts off me they will be aware of the issues so it is their choice.


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