Saturday 21 December 2013

Mekboy Junka 17

As promised I grabbed some shots of the Junka in better light (i.e. in the short period where the sun appeared to be actually somewhere in the sky above).

And some close ups:

And of the finished SAG (though I spotted in the pictures I need to do a bit of gap filling where the new cables where added).

And to finish a breakdown of the components of the Junka:

And of all three vehicles:

Actually missed the Boom Gun top left is also magnetised.
All three are now packed (bar the SAG as I need to do that bit of GS first) ready to be posted after Xmas.


  1. looks amazing! I got some serious painting to do !

  2. That is absolutely fantastic - beautiful build, man!

  3. Incredible! I look forward to seeing them painted and in some action photos.

  4. Cheers everyone.

    neverness - I hope i'll get sent painted pictures of them all once they've been done, in which case i'll post them up for everyone to see how they turned out.


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